This page is like me welcoming you into my home. I’ve invited you over. Plied you with tea and biscuits. Before you know what’s happening, I’m proudly forcing you to view slides of my baby girl.

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Most recent video, May just turned six years old and STILL ridiculously happy: Caught on video!

Or, check out May at almost 4 years old: How happy can a half-brained beauty be?

Everything else in order from six months old on…

May says, “No!”

Happy Six-Month Birthday May!

Witness the Fitness

Guardian Article

This week I’m… swimming

The first in the series ‘Yes May, but is it art?’ This week I’m… going places.

This week I’m… speaking baby talk (plus video update)

This week I’m… rockin’ and rollin’

This week I’m… sitting. Yes, sitting!

And May said, “Let there be light…”

Happy Birthday May – You are 1!

Mama I’m rolling!

This week I’m… playing with toys

This week I’m… wearing my Supergirl Suit

Finally, questions from 2009. Answered.