May, you are 9 months old! Get a job!

Posted on Feb 7, 2010 | 4 comments

Kids these days. They turn 9 months old and they think they know everything!

At six-months, May was pretty amazing. Outstanding. Possibly a prodigy. But, now at nine-months! Incredible cognitive and physical feats abound!

May can now:

– kick for the hell of it

– suck on a sippy cup

– pretend my knee is a horse and she is the rider

– laugh hysterically when someone says, “Pee-Pee!”

– suck on her hand with a 50% hit rate

– eat just about anything (unless she hates it and spits it out)

– make bubbles with anything pureed

– squeal with delight at any silly sounds

– speak in tongues (“ah-goo! ah-gah! vvvvvvv-oo…”)

– push herself up on fully extended arms

– enjoy splashing in the pool

– chuckle when she hears the first notes of a favorite song

– grip a biscuit without dropping it as she thrusts it at her mouth

– master advanced calculus


  1. :) xx

  2. She’s gorgeous (and loving the laughing at the ‘pee pee’) :-)

  3. What a star!

  4. Genius baby. Good work May.


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