Posts made in July, 2010

Trials and Appreciations

Posted on Jul 31, 2010 | 1 comment

Here are some empty concepts I will never use: May’s brain damage helped ________ so it was “worth it” It happened for a purpose I am a better person because of May’s brain damage In a world right and proper, May would not be brain-damaged. There are many moments, every day when I look at May and all she has accomplished – which is both incredible and amazing – and I see past it to what she could have been. That is horrible. It is. It is a fact more terrible and frightening and true than any of the empty phrases above. Without her brain damage, May might...

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Welcome to America + peanut butter baby recipe

Posted on Jul 29, 2010 | 1 comment

Greetings from the land of the free and the home of the brave. May and I flew across the pond yesterday. It wasn’t without its turbulence. Nothing says “Welcome to America” more than a Delta air steward’s fury after I dared to breach business class to ask for some assistance with my disabled daughter. Me: A woman down there told me to come through to ask for some help? Him: (his pointy rat-like facial features squeeze closer) Who exactly told you that? Me: The air stewardess. She told me to come through. Him: And, why exactly would she do that? Me: (sheepishly)...

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Posted on Jul 23, 2010 | 2 comments

Woohoo! School’s over! Bye-bye kiddies! Bye-bye classroom! Even better, bye-bye medical appointments for May! In a few days, the newest American in the family, May, will return to the land of the free with her mother, joined two weeks later by her father. Because of this, we will not see the inside of a hospital, doctor’s office or examination room or any kind until September. American Freedom! May has some kind of therapy or medical appointment at least twice a week. May’s condition comes with all kinds of barriers, but I probably speak little of sheer amount of wasted...

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How the Amazing Half-Brained Baby changed everything…

Posted on Jul 18, 2010 | 10 comments

If you are not the parent of a brain-damaged child, none of the following will make sense. You will glance down the list, jab your partner in the side and say, with possible exasperation, “Sure, but most of these things happen to all parents.” Wrong. Even if they happen to all parents, they don’t ALL happen. 1. Your income plummets. (I teach 3 days/week from September because I miss at least one day/week to attend appointments. A 20% drop in pay.) 2. Your arms hurt from supporting her. A lot. And, the baby just keeps getting heavier… 3. Your arms look super-toned....

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Posted on Jul 17, 2010 | 1 comment

May is “severely visually impaired”. She has “severe brain damage”. Referring to May using medical terminology is always depressing, but more so when it is a medical term that is also used widely. “Severe” is as term I come across a lot in May’s medical reports. It is a term used casually and freely. It has the opposite effect on me. Like when I accidentally picked up what I thought was a medical appointment sheet off the floor of the car this week, and it turned out to be her visual impairment report. The medical definition is “a disease that...

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