May’s reaction to Ieuan (VIDEO)

Posted on Jul 26, 2011 | 11 comments

In my last post, I discussed how May doesn’t understand the concept of a sibling, nor does she recognize that someone new has taken up residence in her home. Still true. (It’s okay. Don’t feel bad. We don’t.)

She does, however, react to Ieuan when he is physically placed next to her, as demonstrated in the video below.

The video is a bit longer than I normally post. This is down to my lack of any editing software. I would suggest you start the video about 2 1/2 minute in to get a full flavor for May’s reaction, if you don’t want to watch the whole thing.

It is not my intention to bore you to death with long videos of my children.

That said, I can’t think of a better way to die…


  1. WOW! Wonderful video, Stacey – I love the way May reacts to the physical reality of Ieuan – she seems so amazed when he kicks her, so intrigued when she gets that little taste of his hand and his sleeve! Clearly what we have here is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  2. May definitely knows of her brothers existence I am positive. She has hearing, some sight I would assume and feels vibrations. She knows something is going on. Just as her brother know of her thought sight, sound and smell. No question in my mind. Just adorable.

  3. She most definately DOES respond to him! Fascinating and SOOO cute!!!

  4. We loved the video.

  5. it’s clear she loves him so much she wants to eat him up!

    seriously though, it looks very much like she is intrigued by the little man’s interesting noises. lovely babies Stacie – can’t wait to see May and meet Ieuan x

  6. Seeing May next to Ieuan really makes her look grown up! One of my friends who has a 15 month gap between his children swore their eldest thought that maybe his sister was actually just a mildy interesting pet for the first few months and was eventually shocked to find out she was staying!
    It is lovely to see them both.

  7. Cute I like how first May tries to push Ieuan away, then she tries to bite him and then she rolls over and laughs at him! What a bunch they are! I am so excited for a gift I got for Ieuan and May when they come see their Auntie!

    Thanks for sharing that, Caylee and I really enjoyed seeing them play together.

  8. It looks like your little ones have the same sweet profile! They are both so adorable!!

  9. He’ll become much more interesting to her once he starts making true sounds. Or maybe not. Anyway, enjoy your bounty!

  10. What a beautiful video…it brought tears to my eyes! My first son had severe brain damage due to a very rare metabolic disorder (molybdenum cofactor deficiency) and watching the video of your beautiful May brough many memories back. He passed away when he was three and never got to be a big brother on this earth, but I often wonder what he would’ve thought of his two younger brothers. Watching this video gives me a glimpse…May might not ever grasp the true extent of being a big sister, but I’m sure the relationship between her and Ieuan will transcend words.
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment!

    • Thanks for your heartfelt response, keets! And, I love hearing from parents who have had an experience with an ill child who go on to have more little ones!

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