May made me cry today. My amazing half-brained baby.

Posted on Sep 19, 2011 | 24 comments

You’ll have to look closely here. As quickly as I could in such an awkward position, I tried to capture something I’d never seen before. The shaky footage is due to me grabbing my computer, the only thing with a camera to hand. Also, the upload plays at a slightly faster speed than real life giving it a silent film like quality. Not to mention I started weeping.

All this, and yet it is such a miraculous moment that I’m uploading it anyway.

Here May reaches out and for the first time I have ever seen, touches something other than our faces. And, it’s her brother.

In my wildest dreams, I never expected May to acknowledge Ieuan so early on. I didn’t get my hopes up on her acknowledging him at all – not until he was old enough to make his presence known. But here, May gently reaches out with an open hand, caresses his face and sticks her index finger in his mouth for him to suck on. She did it here, on the video, but also numerous times throughout hour they lay together under the playmat.

Don’t lose hope parents of special needs kids. Amazing things are always just around the corner. Of course, we endure the desperate eternities between milestones, and even our milestones are not conventional, but sometimes we are rewarded with the most beautiful moments of our lives.


  1. That’s so gorgeous – its made me cry, can only imagine how much it made you weep! I”m so pleased for you and May and Ieuan. Much love xx

  2. I cried. That was so beautiful.

  3. Your post made me cry. And I didn’t even watch the video yet.

  4. I only wish the video was of a better quality – certainly not playing at twice the speed – so you could really take in how carefully she reached out and how he responded.

  5. Wonderfully beautiful. May knows Leuan is going to watch over her so she wants his touch near her. Loved this.

  6. Yes. I cried. Before, during and after the video. Wonderful moment. Thanks for sharing. Hugs.

  7. That was the sweetest thing I’ve seen in forever. Go May!

  8. Dear Stacie,

    So happy to hear about and see this positive progress. I’m happy of you!

  9. Yep, I cried too. Oh, the way she reached out again, AFTER she looked…just wondrous.

  10. Wow Stace – what an insanely wonderfully awesome gift. I am so glad you will have that documented on film as a major milestone (even if in hyperspeed!). Thank you for sharing that – looking forward to seeing next big moments for both of the kids.

  11. That’s so wonderful. Thank you for sharing such a special moment

  12. It was neat because it’s not that se touched him. But she paused with it and let her hand there a bit to say I know you are there brother. That was special thanks for sharing Stacie.

  13. love it!

  14. What a wonderful moment. xx

  15. Oh how beautiful:)


  16. That is brilliant.I think they are going to be great pals.What a moment.Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. What a wonderful moment brought tears to my eyes especially seeing May acknowledging her brother x

  18. Wondrrful

  19. How beautiful….Mx

  20. What a beautiful moment

  21. Very beautiful – thanks for sharing x

  22. So sweet! Such a great big sister!

  23. What a lovely big sister. Lucky Ieuan. The pair of them will go far. x

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