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Unfortunately, May has spent the last three days (and nights, let’s not forget the nights) teething. It is so bad that she is refusing almost all liquids. We have gotten 1 1/2 seizure doses down her of the last four. And, tonight, I noticed part of her gum was bleeding.

So, no drinking, no eating, lots of crying (both of us) and no Christmas. We have yet to open our gifts.

For this reason, I have zero photos of May in what was meant to be her Christmas outfit. I can assure you it is adorable, if unworn. She did manage her Christmas pajamas, but we have no photos of those.

Ieuan, however, did get in the spirit of things. Thanks to his Grandma Bar, who we are visiting in California right now, Ieuan was recruited by Santa to out-cute the world. She bought him both the outfit and the antlers. (I know. You thought Ieuan grew them himself!)

Ieuan is officially the only baby to remain smiling when his parents dress him in a ridiculous reindeer outfit. Surely, these outfits are tears and temper tantrums waiting to happen.

Clearly, Ieuan didn’t get that memo.

Best wishes and hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Dasher and Dancer and Donner and Ieuan

This little reindeer is trying to out tummy Santa



  1. Those are the cutest photos. So sorry about May. Can you give her something for the pain? That is the worst. How about frozen baby toys? That worked for mine. At least you have your parents. Is your husband with you as well? Hope it gets better and she gets to enjoy her outfit.

  2. Um, yeah, that is an extremely cute little boy. Apology accepted!

  3. So sad she still dooesn’t feel well. Hope Ieuan got to open some of his presents since he is happy. I bet Bar got him some fun things to keep him busy. Go for a walk it has to be gorgeous there, take them for a swim or a drive and hopefully May will come around to getting past some of her sadness for the joy of the beautiful warm sun. Maybe a picnic outside on a blanket with her bottle you could set an umbrella near May so it’s not as sunny. Ieuan and his sister could play on the blanket with some toys. Trying to think of something to cheer her up and let you enjoy your Cali get away.

    Then you and Griff can get out for a date night which it sounds like ypou both need. Good Luck!

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