Six months ago May started music therapy. Has it worked?

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 | 12 comments

When May began music therapy sessions run by Nordoff-Robbins, six months ago, my plans were ambitious. I am one driven mama and May is my toddler in a tiara (minus the tiara).

My goal? May would have fun, or we would stop. (Don’t you wish all corporate meetings opened with that as Item 1 on the agenda?)

May loves music. If all she did was enjoy herself, it would have been a success to me.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to know that things that bring us pleasure are great motivators. Back then, I made a wish list of outcomes I hoped music therapy would result in, that included:

  • reaching
  • moving towards an object
  • repeating sounds
  • making new sounds
  • participating in call and response (basic communication)
  • looking towards objects

Here is a video of May, today, at her session. You be the judge. Has she improved in any of the above areas? (Watch this video from a session in November 2011 as a comparison.)


  1. Stacie, I think it’s time to make a new list of goals, because in this video I see May achieving every single item on your list. She sings as beautifully as a mermaid – and the way she sprang to attention the first time her name was sung? I jumped when she jumped! WONDERFUL. Her purposeful reaching was a delight to see.

    You’re her mom, and you see what you want to see – but I’m a random internet mom who has been following your story for a while, and I see progress in every area. Celebrate, and keep up the music therapy!


    • ^^^ I completely agree with everything she said. You need a new set of goals for May :) And it’s extraordinary to watch her react so strongly to her name and enjoying herself and singing.

  2. Comparing the two videos is like night and day! She has come a *long* way in just 6 months! You should be so proud 😀 You have such a determined little girl there!


  3. She loves it! And she CLEARLY responds to her name. This is very exciting!

  4. Bravo to May and her teachers and to the music itself. Loved this.

  5. Hey I have the same dragon May is nestled in. I love to hear May sing. Stacie, May was copying her teachers voice. That was awesome! I am so proud of her and she does love it! I like how she also reached out to help play with the chimes and the tambornine. Music has a very special place in May’s heart. Thank you for sharing this, it was so great!

    • I hope that some day either you will be able to come along for a session, or maybe – over the summer – we could arrange for a special music day for all the kids? I’m sure if we looked there would be something we could take them all to that May would love.

  6. Everytime I watch this it makes me smile. Has May done this sitting up in her seat? She seems to want to pull herself up.

    • You are right to notice her trying to sit up. The music charity is buying a bean bag chair for May so the teacher can prop her up in sitting and other positions in order to reach a variety of instruments. At home though – and at school – she has a standing frame that we use with music with great results.

  7. wow! truly amazing! this video makes me smile from ear to ear!!!

    well done may xxxx

  8. Amazing!!!! Absolutely amazing! You can see May truly loves it, anticpates,responds in delight to her name,interactes with the instruments used and copying the singing, im amazed! Xxx

    I need to say here that when i say im amazed, i actually mean brilliant,excellent, not that May isnt capable cause i know our little cherubs are more capable than some people seem to give them credit for! Sure you know what im talking about and whats even more amazing is that our nathan was responding in the same tone whilst listening to you and May!! Online sessions here we come! Lol….put the world to rights kids!!!!

  9. AMAZING!!!What progress.She was trying to sit up too.You must be so thrilled and feel it is all so worthwhile.Well done everyone.

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