Happy Birthday May! You are THREE!

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 | 9 comments

Six-months ago, when I wrote my bi-annual birthday review of May, I really despaired. I didn’t say so in the post – these birthday posts are times to reflect on progress and celebrate May’s happiness. But, her list of achievements was not all that distinguishable from the six-months previous. When I composed it, I panicked. Was May’s progress petering off? Would she still progress and develop in a healthy way?

Six-months ago, just as I was writing that post, May was about to have a stimulation immersion. This after my very troubling discovery that May had been in receipt of very little therapeutic stimulation for some time.

So, it was about six-months ago that all this began:

  • one hour private physio every week
  • a half hour music therapy every week
  • finally saw her OT again after languishing on the waiting list for months
  • acquired a standing frame in school and at home
  • started at her special school in January (morning sessions)
  • moved to a new room at nursery (afternoon sessions) so received a lot of attention and mixed with children of her own age

Where previously we had only the added input of the Small Steps School team (and, where would May have been if I hadn’t received their support and guidance?), now she has stimulation coming from every direction.

Did her stimulation immersion help her progress? Did it made a difference?

In keeping with previous birthday posts, let the celebrations begin!

May, when you were born, here is what the doctors definitely knew you would be able to do:

May celebrates her birthday at Kew Gardens with her daddy

– pee

– breathe

At three years old you can:

– sleep through the night! (WOOHOO!)

– relax your muscles, particularly your hands

– move in far more natural way (less jerky and tense movements)

– move your arms and legs independently of one another

– twist your torso from side to side

go pee-pee on the potty (if brought to it at specific times and held there by mama)

recognize (by laughing hysterically) when a light changes colorĀ and look in its direction

– sleep through the night (Double WOOHOO!)

– make sipping movements with your mouth when I ask, “Do you want water?”

play an instrument

– eat three full meals a day (that’s major – May often couldn’t finish meals)

– be unbelievably happy almost all the time for several months straight

– fully appreciate our new home entertainment system that is Baby Ieuan

– sorry, did I mention SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT???

Given enough time, I probably could have come up with ten more things. Happy Birthday to May, my amazing half-brained baby genius! Who knows what incredible feats your third year will bring…


  1. Happy Burthday May!!!

  2. See improvements through all your blogs and videos. May is progressing and it definitely is seen by me and I am sure by your other readers. Happy third May.

  3. Happy Birthday, May! Like Madge says, May’s progress is noticeable even to an outsider who just sees a few video clips every now and then. That’s huge! Celebrate!

  4. Happy Birthday, May!!


  5. We wish Miss May the best birthday ever. We are so excited for her to hear the gift we picked out for her. Should come in the mail soon!
    Happy Birthday to May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to May and her amazing support group! I’m happy that you’re now 3 and looking forward to reading and hearing all about your activities–you’ve come a long way. XOXOXO Aunt Arlene

  7. What happened to the mystery of the super suit post? I read it last night and came back dying to see if the mystery had been solved! Started to think I had dreamed it but then I saw your reference to it in the twitter summary on the right hand side. Why did it disappear? And more importantly, what was the answer to the mystery?! X

    • It’s back up again! I was just updating it.

  8. Stacie, Sorry, I only read this today as I was in the hospital and then the rehab facility. May’s accomplishments are fabulous!!!!!!!!! Sorry it took me so long to read this post. Love, Ellen (Nana)

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