How May got me a new car

Posted on Jun 10, 2012 | 4 comments

In two weeks time, we will be the proud owners of a new Ford Mondeo estate. A new car is always very exciting, even more so when you have never owned one. (Not exactly true. My dad got me a Madza 323 hatchback in 1991. My sister totaled it by driving it into a truck. I used the insurance money to pay for my tuition at a London university – and thus the cycle began…)

May is three years old. She got us the car and, no, she’s not loaded.

The government runs a Motability scheme whereby, for a low deposit (or none at all for some smaller cars), disabled people are given a car on lease for three years. It includes insurance, road tax, breakdown cover and three year warranty. Basically, we down £1995 (about £3,500) and in return receive the best new car deal ever.

I could justify our receipt of the car in all kinds of ways. Like how, in so many other ways, May costs us money. Or, how she needs the accessibility. Safety. Transportation of equipment.

But, I won’t. Instead, for now, just a small WOOHOO of excitement! NEW CAR – WOOHOO!


  1. Dad & I are sooooooooooo happy about your new car!!! Rnjoy it! Love, Ellen

  2. cool!!!

    we got a VW Touran and I love it!!! driving it is one of the little things that make my life happy! lol


  3. Get out! That is so cool! Now if only I had of known about this scheme a month ago I would have saved a bit of money…I should really check your blog before any major purchases in future huh.

    • If you qualify for the higher mobility aspect, you can still get money each month. We trade it in for the car. So, hopefully it doesn’t mean that your family will lose out, just it won’t help with you getting a car at the moment.

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