May’s new chair has arrived! So, why do I feel like this…

Posted on Jul 12, 2012 | 10 comments

I should be celebrating. Woohoo! May’s new chair is here!

After months of insisting, pleading and, finally, demanding – it is here. It is even adjusted so she can use it. It is comfortable. Her positioning is good. She seems to enjoy it – and she does not feel that way about all chairs.

So, why do I feel like this:

Maybe, I should feel more like this:

It’s never simple, is it?

**UPDATE** I need to clarify that this chair is not May’s wheelchair, as I think most people assumed. This is her feeding and activity chair. The one she was using was broken for at least eight months and was only fixed about two days before this new one arrived. (Nice work, Lambeth Social Services.) May’s wheelchair has been ordered as well and should be with us in about a month’s time.


  1. Glad May’s chair finally arrived! See you soon! Love, Ellen

  2. go with the flow…

    i had to go through my son Daniel’s statement review. I come out after 90 minutes of a truly horrible meeting of everything he can’t do and how they’re helping him. 100% totally negative.

    I felt like i’d been kicked in the stomach and just got his dx all over again.

    I do get these moments and they seem to come out of the blue. :(

    but hey ho, onward and upwards. you start to look at the positive things… May LOVES her chair. that is all you need to think about for now.


  3. I remember vividly the first time my son got a chair. I was gutted. Didn’t expect to be but there it was. And the fact that it didn’t look like a regular wheelchair more like one for a robot with all the straps and inserts etc was very hard.Also he hated it and screamed with fear and temper added to the dismay, grief almost.
    Now it’s like a picture on the wall, it blends in with family life and I could position and strap him in blindfolded!
    First everything is hard like when you have a death and an anniversary/birthday arrives but you move on and then it’s okay.
    Best wishes, Liz.

  4. I am sure it is never easy but May likes it and I am sure you will somehow get past your present feelings and see it as a whole new world for May.

  5. Does it fold to fit in your car? I assume you are safely in your handicap space now with no interlopers.

    • I updated the post above. Which should explain this! Sorry for the confusion.

  6. I am so glad May got her new chair! But yeh, it sucks that she needs it:(
    You’re right, it’s never simple.

  7. The irony is that a wheelchair can make life easier for a parent while a child is learning to move herself. Fit & used properly, a wheelchair is a tool supporting more independent movement – holding the porential for making itself unnecessary.

  8. Fabulous that you have the chair and that May likes it. Hopefully it will free her up to concentrate on more fun things than sitting properly. But yes, I think every bit of equipment you get also serves to remind you that they need so much help to do the things other children and parents take for granted. You’re allowed to feel bad that you have these things in your life even while you celebrate actually getting them. xx

  9. May has now just discovered to stand and walk on her own with her walker. But we sit when we go to school and do work and we sit when we eat. It looks different, more supportive for May’s frame. It is not her only life in my book. She will need to sit allot and be comfortable and safe. But the rest of the time she will be in her walker or free on the floor to roll back and forth and have tickles with Mommy, Daddy and little brother.

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