May vs The Hosptial, Part 2: The waiting game

Posted on Oct 17, 2012 | 3 comments

The Waiting Game. So long it makes your hair curl.

A year ago, this week, a solicitor visited us to hear our version of the events leading to May’s brain damage. It was harrowing saying aloud all the moments that continue to torment me. All the more trying because I know it will, most likely, all be for naught.

The process is long partially, I think, to put people off doing it. A year on and no further progress? Having to ask and then reask and then ask again when the hospital doesn’t provide all the documentation they should? These are not fun conversations, especially when you know that proving anything will be near impossible even if you get the documentation.

Still, two weeks ago, I asked for an update. And, not unexpectedly, there is no update. The experts are still examining the documentation of which there are hundreds, possibly over a thousand, sheets of paper.

And yet, strangely, I still have hope that they will uncover something.

I walked past a house today, on the way to pick up May from nursery. It had been renovated so that a disabled person could live in it. A modest house, with a ramp leading to wide front doors. Along the sides of the ramp, were new planted flowers. I sighed. How wonderful it would be to know that May’s future was secure and that we had the means to make a house like this, her home for life.

The waiting game continues.


  1. I hope you get answers and can sue. As you have pointed out they did so many things wrong while you waited to birth May. The hours making mistakes and finally deciding on a Csection so long after she was clearly in distress. That has to show something. There will be obviously lack of oxygen in this case I am sure but proving it might be difficult. How long can they stall in getting all the paperwork? Can you request yourself from the hospital chart room like we can here in LA? We can get a complete copy of everything done while in a hospital without too much effort. Hope you find out soon.

  2. I just wanted to wish you luck in your fight. We too are playing the waiting game, waiting for expert reports to tell us if we have a case or not. I have practical built and furnished John’s perfect house in my head, which is silly as it will only make a disappointment harder to bare. We are also waiting to go to tribunal over John’s school placement. A win against the hospital could make sure John gets to go to and stay at the school I know is best for him. I hate waiting, I feel like I spend most of my life doing it though.
    I hope your not waiting too long and that May (and you) get what she needs. xx

    • I keep trying to stop myself, but like you, I have also built our dream house. In any case, thinking about it has pushed me to start saving money for a deposit on a house. If the court doesn’t find in our favor, we need to protect May’s future – and ours – our self.

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