I kicked a doctor off May’s team, Part III: You won’t believe this

Posted on Nov 9, 2012 | 2 comments

Two things, completely unbelievable, happened this week:

1) I got a ticket for parking in my own disabled parking spot in front of my house.

My disabled badge had fallen off my dash on to the floor of the car. The other part of the badge, which is a card that has a handicapped symbol on it and a time clock to show when we parked, remained on the dash. So, basically, some uptight parking attendant decided to teach me a lesson in placing the full badge on the dash.

There is no one I have more respect for than someone who knows a person is disabled and goes out of their way to make their life far more expensive for no reason.

2) I received a phone call from the supervisor of the doctor I kicked off May’s team. She told me that after interviewing everyone at the meeting, they had unanimously agreed that the doctor had handled various things inappropriately – including the doctor herself. Including her! I was told I will receive a letter of apology in the post from the doctor who would apologize in it unreservedly.

Then, if that wasn’t strange enough – her supervisor apologized to me too. She explained that this is not how she wanted the service to be run, that she wants to work closely with parents. Parents are – after all – the experts, she said. Which is a phrase I have heard countless times, but never in such circumstances.

I told her that I felt reassured by their response. Not that I want May to see this doctor again, but I will need to use the service; if they had not taken it seriously, I would have questioned their team from that point forward.

I’d say I’m speechless, on both counts – but of course I’m not, since I just wrote 300 words on it.


  1. LOVE their response in regards to your letter – a very good response indeed!

    Oh I sure do hope you can get the ticket thrown out – that is horrible that they’d give you a ticket for parking in your own disabled parking spot just because 1/2 of what you needed wasn’t visible. :-(

  2. Fight the ticket. Can you get a permanent license plate for your car so there is no need to show passes? Also, a big shout out for once again standing up for yourself and May. Glad the doctor was reprimanded.

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