It doesn’t get much better than this… (VIDEO)

Posted on Jan 19, 2013 | 1 comment

It is the first snow of the season in London. And, snow does crazy things to people.

We stole our downstairs neighbors’ sled out of the storage cupboard. Yes, we are criminals. But, we did it for May – so I don’t think anyone will arrest us. Also, we put it back and we live in the same house as them, so we are probably the worst criminals ever.

Honestly, May sledding was an afterthought. We went out in the snow today to take Ieuan (1.5 years old) and his girlfriend (1.5 years old too) sledding for the first time (later in the day, she gave him his first kiss and he enjoyed it so much he started kissing everyone).¬†When I suggested we try May on the hill, I wasn’t sure she’d enjoy it at all. I only took her halfway up.

Of course, she loved it. She would have stayed all day but her pathetic parents retreated to a nearby pub.

This is her second run down the hill. Who is enjoying themselves more: May or her daddy?


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  1. Wow how fun for May and her Daddy!

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