Newsflash: Disabled child has fun and is fun!

Posted on Apr 21, 2013 | 3 comments

Our pre-birthday celebrations have begun. May’s fourth birthday – and yes, I can’t believe it and other appropriate clichés – is on Tuesday. Today, we took her to one of her favorite places, Kew Gardens in London. It is a vast playground perfect for those in wheelchairs and otherwise, as it is completely accessible.

Today, we visited one of their greenhouses for the first time with May. After a brisk walk chasing Ieuan in the cooling afternoon sun, the tropical heat of the greenhouse was very pleasant. May particularly enjoyed sitting on a bench underneath a pipe spraying mist on the plants. Her little legs never stopped kicking and her hair went completely curly. And here is the evidence…

In case anyone reading this is in any doubt of May’s superior powers of cuteness… BEHOLD! (click on the photos to see them in full):

And furthermore, if anyone out there is in any doubt that May is fun to be around, that disabled children can be fun to raise or that May – or a child like her – can enjoy something as simple and perfect as a day in the park… BEHOLD! (co-starring Daddy and Ieuan)



  1. Fun Ieuan seemed to enjoy the chase. I also love the video of May and Daddy. She looks right at him as he sings, “May is all you need!”

  2. Newsflash it is 2014 and we do NOT use AWFUL terms like “disabled” child anymore. The proper term is a child with a disability. Same goes for “disabled” children another OUTDATED phrase. CP does NOT define May, it is a part of her. Sigh you should know better.

    BTW, what type of spastic CP does she have spastic quad or spastic pentaplegia?

    • Are you kidding me? I have bigger fish to fry than your problems with my semantics Tara. Not only do we – and I include the entire world in this – use the word “disabled”, but May is the very definition of it.

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