Happy Birthday May! You are FOUR!

Posted on Apr 23, 2013 | 6 comments

What? May is four???

People have been asking me if I feel old. Which is nice. Thank you to all those people.

We celebrated at Kew this weekend and tonight with cupcakes. Homemade by me, which is either a generous gift on my behalf, or a punishment – depending on your opinion of my cooking. (I’m on my second cupcake now, so I know where I stand.)

So without further ado, in keeping with previous birthday posts, let the celebrations begin!

May, when you were born, here is what the doctors definitely knew you would be able to do:

– pee

– breathe

Now at FOUR years old you can:

– Walk! (In her walker. The best moment of the year! Watch it here.)

– Roll from your tummy on to your back almost every time you are placed there

– Recognize your brother’s voice and turn excitedly to him when he enters the room

– “Chat”‘ to your brother in the morning

– Act as an alarm clock each morning in a team effort with Ieuan (erm, yes thanks for that)

– Eat scrambled egg and avocado, two of the most elusive of all foods and forever suggested by “so-called experts” despite May being unable to chew or swallow such textures. That is until now…

– Sing along with us – which is a basic form of communication

And video proof taken two days ago (apologies for that lady’s awful singing voice, I have no idea who she is)

Want to see how May has progressed? Read her previous birthday posts:

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  1. Happy Birthday May!

  2. That was great! You can tell, she loves to sing with you.


  3. Happpy Birthday May we loved how you sang along with Mommy. I can’t believe how her hair makes her look like Mom. We love you all!
    Carrie Chad Connor and Caylee

  4. Oh what a great sing a long! And Stacie your voice is not bad at all! I wanted to wish May a Happy late Birthday! Also I loved the park video. How much fun to see everyone in your family enjoying each other. The there can be felt all the way over the ocean. And on a side note May your hair is gorgeous!

  5. Ohhhh I love the video! May and Ieuan are so stinking cute! Congratulations to May in all her accomplishments in a year! She is a blessing. Her eyes are so big and luminous and her hair is possitively decadent all those pretty curls! Kisses from me to her! Ieuan is such a pretty boy he looks just like May only in brother form, lmao. Your kids are so so so beautiful! Thank you for sharing with us!

    • I’m completely jealous of May’s hair! Thanks for the message – I love hearing how cute my kids are 😉

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