It’s official: I’m in remission!

Posted on Aug 5, 2013 | 17 comments

The haematology department kept us waiting three hours today before I was called in for my meeting. And it was a big meeting: the official results of my biopsy after my chemotherapy treatment. Sure, last week the news was good. But I was still nervous and after three hours, I was near breakdown by the time my name was hollered out.

The first thing I said when I sat down for the meeting – after we demanded to know why we’d been held up – was, “I don’t think I can have this meeting. I’m so wound up.”

“But, the results were very good. You are in remission,” the doctor said back.

It was hard to leave at that point.

He used the words “exceptional” and “extremely good results” to describe my response to the chemotherapy. Let me tell you, if you have no experience of doctors, they don’t talk like this unless it is the truth. Doctors are nothing if not starkly honest.

I’m not completely out of the woods. I have several more rounds of chemotherapy to ensure that the leukemia isĀ eradicated from my body. That will start later this week.

In the meantime, I heard “remission” and let out three hours worth of deep breaths. I grabbed a tissue. But, I didn’t feel anything like elation until hours later, once it had sunk in. And, it sunk in properly when I saw my daughter and considered for the first time that I may have many years left, a full and long life to share with her. Today is the first time I’ve allowed myself to think like that.


  1. YAY!!!!!! That’s SUCH good news! This just made my day. :D Take THAT luekemia!!

    (And in unrelated news, I finally got my blog up, and will be posting some good enws myself later today. :)

    • And I was so excited about your news, spelling went right out the window. Please pardon my typos, lol.

  2. Best way to start my Monday blog viewing. So happy to hear.

  3. I am really happy for you! And all the while you managed to win at golf:)Take good care

  4. Wow Stacie that is great, what an awesome feeling to know that it will be okay. I know your body will ache during the chemo, but to know it’s almost over is great. You have been so positive and strong I am so impressed with how you have handled this. Great News!

  5. Oh Stacie! I am so happy for you and your family. Praise God! You have been in our daily thoughts and prayers. Also I love the video of May, she is so beautiful and happy!

  6. Stacie = exceptional.

  7. Damn straight!! Awesome news… congratulations and kick on kicking butt!

  8. Terrific!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Ellen

  9. That’s amazing!!!! Congratulations!

  10. You are an amazing fighter Mom! I am so happy for you and pray for continued health!

  11. Yippy Skippy!!! So happy for you and your family :)



  13. I’m so relieved & happy for you! YAY!

  14. Hey Miss! I was so upset to hear about the leukemia but this is great news!!! =D Really, really happy for you and your family. Hope everything continues to go well and that you fully recover quickly. xx
    p.s. May and Ieuan just seem to be getting impossibly cuter =P

  15. Hi Stacie, I’m just catching up with your blog after a long time away. What a roller coaster you have been on. I’m glad that the prognosis is good and have no doubt that your strength and positivity will lift you up and carry you through to the other side of this. May looks lovely in the recent pictures, and very happy. Sending love and good thoughts.

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