Mama called the doctor and the doctor said…

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May visits me in the hospital

You know that children’s song about the monkeys?

10 little monkeys jumping on a bed

1 fell off and broke his head

Mama called the doctor and the doctor said


9 little monkeys jumping on the bed…

It’s one of my kids’ favorities. As is anything that involves a lot of bouncing, singing and shouting.

This mama called a doctor as well this week, in for a meeting in her hospital room – that’s where I am right now, the hospital. It’s my second round of chemo and I just completed my last dose of it this morning! To those still taking notes that is:

Lewis 2 Leukemia 0

Amazing news came out of Mama calling the doctor, this time a message passed on from the Anthony Nolan Trust. They are a charity that find and test transplant applicants.

And they found me a bone marrow donor! We can not believe our good luck. Personally, after my sister wasn’t a match, I was concerned it would not happen at all.

My bone marrow transplant will happen at the end of next month, accompanied by a 4-6 week stay in the hospital. And then, hopefully, Leukemia’s ass will most certainly be grass.

*          *          *          *          *

If you want to donate your bone marrow for transplant but have watched one too many Hollywood movies that put you off – fear not! It is (almost) completely pain free.

To be tested, all you need to do is spit in a cup. That’s it. If you are a match for someone they will do further blood tests and, if successful, they will take the blood out of a vein in your arm to give to the patient in need.

They will never touch your bone marrow. It’s that easy.

Fill out an online form here and the Anthony Nolan Trust will send you their spit kit.