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December 28, 2013 at 22:10

Mama Lewis


Congratulations to May and I ! This is our 400th post on Mama Lewis. Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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To say I’m done with 2013 is an understatement. If someone offered me a lobotomy tomorrow and said, “We can remove 2013, but we’d have to remove everything, not just from about April when May’s hips began to really trouble her. You’d have to erase everything. May’s birthday at Kew Gardens. Your fun day at the London Zoo. Everything.”

I’d say, “How soon can you cut me open?”

Many people like to look at the positive side to life’s catastrophes. I’m not one of them. I’d like to forget life’s catastrophes.

Despite my attitude I have taken a few positives from this year:

1) Having May prepared me for cancer. It wasn’t nearly as life changing as it would have been. (Which is either really depressing or really positive depending on how you look at it.)

2) Distance away from May has made it more obvious how she’s improved this year post-surgery. She is far happier, livelier and more responsive. For one, her head control has improved enormously. We sat her in a high chair this week that she hasn’t used in eight months and we didn’t have to angle the back of the chair to feed her. We always had to lower it before.

3) I spend a lot more time with my kids and my husband. I’m not in work, for one. It’s kinda like maternity leave all over again, but this time I nap instead of the baby. Also, I’ve cut down on my writing. Which is why you don’t hear so much from me here anymore. Sorry. I’ve prioritized life. It happens.

Here’s what I’d like from 2014: Nothing.

I want it to be the dullest, most uneventful year ever. Love, laugh, bounce – the May motto. That’s all I want.


  1. Madgew December 28, 2013 Reply

    And I hope you get your wish. Here's to a year of nothing but just everyday routine and love, peace and good health to you and yours.

  2. lindsay weiss December 29, 2013 Reply

    Nothing is totally underrated isn't it! I'll take some nothing too...

    p.s. I just read your Babycenter post on Christmas. I'm with you -- we were at my mom's too with a sick, fussy baby. By 1am on the 26th we were so over it, we threw everyone in the car, packed up Christmas in trash bags and drove home (3 hours) in the middle of the night.

    I'm DONE with Christmas.

    • Mama Lewis December 29, 2013 Reply

      Oh Lindsay - that's awful! Even at our worst we've never driven home at 1 am. I have been tempted though.

  3. barbara December 29, 2013 Reply

    Just pleased to hear you are ok.Hope 2014 is good to you all.

  4. Shanna December 31, 2013 Reply

    I hope 2014 brings you just what you want, I can imagine that an uneventful year after everything you have gone through is exactly what you deserve and need. Happy New Year :)

    • Mama Lewis December 31, 2013 Reply

      Thank you Shanna! Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Zvon January 9, 2014 Reply

    Dear Stacy,
    I've smiled and cried tears of both sorrow, disbelief and happiness with you silently, behind my screen, over the years that I've been reading your blog. I 'visited' you again today, just now, and I believe that at this point I would be a true mountain goat if I did not respond to your beautifully put words. I second Lindsey-nothing is way underrated. May you have a lot of nothing in 2014! Sunny regards to you and your lovely family. I'm really happy for 2/. Way to go May! Love, Zvon.

    • Mama Lewis January 11, 2014 Reply

      Thank you Zvon! Here's hoping for a whole lotta a nothing for you too :)

  6. Sue Rogers January 10, 2014 Reply

    Thank you for all your previous posts. I have enjoyed reading them. Just want to wish you good luck, lots of happy times with your family, good health and a year full of nothing.

    • Mama Lewis January 11, 2014 Reply

      Your welcome Sue! And thank you for your lovely comment.

  7. Jenny February 14, 2014 Reply

    Here's to A Year of Nothingness!!! My 2013 was not a very good year either. Seems like that for many people. I hope you get a calm beautiful year! You so deserve it!

    I love how you say that May's moto is Love, Laugh and Bounce! My son Austin would totally agree with that! His favorite thing in all the world is to bounce. We have a big blue EGG therapy ball that we try to bounce him on regularly. It gives him great laughs. To me it's the best sound in the world.

    • Mama Lewis February 14, 2014 Reply

      My mom came up with that motto. She painted it on to May's crib when she was a baby. You are so right, the sound of our kids' laughter is the greatest. Sounds like Austin and May would be best friends!

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