May wants you to GET OUT. And here’s why…

Posted on Mar 31, 2014 | 3 comments

Special needs can sometimes feel like a cage. At times, don’t we all just want to dig our heals in and scream: MAKE IT EASY OR I’M NOT GOING.

Trips out don’t always end well. May hated our last visit to the Barbican.

She screamed from the moment we arrived until the moment the ice cream arrived. It was awful. Both of us missed the entire performance and this was something she loves: music. That’s when it is really bad. When it is a sure thing and it still goes wrong.

So, what’s the best thing to do in such a circumstance? Get back on that horse, Mama.

Recently, I met two mamas who didn’t just get out, they got out of the country with their families. Kara from Free as Trees and Stacy from Noah’s Miracle both have children with disabilities – but that hasn’t stopped them or their children. These two inspiring women flew their families from Canada and America, respectively, all the way to Northern Ireland.

They were on my mind this weekend when the sun was shining and I wanted to enjoy Mother’s Day with my family. I love strolling around our local parks, but I wanted something less conventional. About six months ago, we discovered a new spot but haven’t been back since I was admitted to the hospital for my bone marrow transplant. And May has never been.

So,¬†we took May’s wheelchair off-roading at the Selsdon Wood nature reserve. You know that feeling when your face aches from smiling so much. Yes, that. Not special needs, more like NEED IT.

20140330_170146 title

And May’s Mother Day gift to all the rest of you mamas is the same: GET OUT. When you expand your horizons, you push violently on the boundaries that contain you and say: I will not be caged in. I will not.

For more ideas on how to access activities with your child, try the Kids All Access series.


  1. That is so great, I love all the photo’s you look really healthy and happy Stacie! I donated $50 in Miss May’s name for MDA at work. She is such an inspiration. Glad it was a good weather day for your family to enjoy it outside!
    Love you all!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day (in the UK!). Looks like you enjoyed your special day! Love Ellen (Nana)

  3. Wonderful spot and well done for going there Stacie. I too thought a lot about those ladies and how we all need to make time for ourselves and our health after our Leckey meeting. A lot of soul searching ensued. I’m going to make some life-changes for us all.
    H x

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