24 hours left to register. Don’t think your vote will count? Think again.

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There are only 24 hours left to register in Britain to vote in the General Election.

Don't think your vote will count? Think again.

no vote no voice

As Tania Tirraoro of Special Needs Jungle points out there are 12 million votes out there, ready to be cast, if disabled people register and vote. According to BBC Ouch, that's 20% of the voting age population.

Tania, who is both a parent to a child with special needs and disabled herself, says: "It's not just my own health condition that depresses me. Looking up from my own self-pity brings me face to face with the way the Coalition government has continually put the boot in to the vulnerable, particularly my fellow people with disabilities, while spinning it to look like the very thing that will save Britain's economy for 'hard working families.'"

I can't help but agree with Tania. Since the Coalition government came to power, their legislation has directly hit our family, the same "hard working family" with two teachers in it, that the Tories pretend to support:

- Our local council significantly cut special needs transport to school
- The respite holiday care for all the children in May's school is under threat
- The Speech and Language Therapy team - the same one that taught May to eat - was dismantled
- Specialist equipment, like sleep systems or communication equipment, is no longer provided to us.
- Local council's budgets have been cut by 40% destroying an efficient and effective team assisting our family.
- We've only been shortlisted for one disabled home in our area and that is only the tip of a disabled housing crisis across the country.
- Disabled children are being refused access to early years education - their legislative right.
- Money for disabled children is not ring-fenced so cash-strapped councils spend it elsewhere.

Where is the shock and anger? How about at the ballot box? You only have 24-hours left to register. It is simple, online and will take five minutes.


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