We are finally moving! (Plus a major giveaway…)

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 | 8 comments

Three years ago, I signed us up for an accessible house on the housing register. Last week, we received the keys for our new home!

I raced my 4-year  old, Ieuan, in the house and up the stairs. The one flight of stairs. One flight -- not four -- with step-free access so we can wheel May from her school bus right into our kitchen.

Read more: This is what being disabled and on the housing register looks like

No more carrying six-years old May up four flights of stairs! No more exhaustion for me while I recover from cancer and struggle to carry in the groceries! No more! No how! No way Posé! (That's Ieuan's latest turn of phrase.)

We have started the application process for a lift for May to the upstairs and her bedroom. It will take a bit of time for everything to go through and I know it isn't a perfect situation, but bear in mind our current flat has FOUR FLIGHTS OF STAIRS.

Did I mention the four flights of stairs?

In honour of this wonderful event, we are giving away for FREE a load of barely used special needs equipment. All you need to do is share this post (we really need to spread the word get rid of it quick before we move), contact me and tell me which one(s) you want. You can pick it up (South-East London) or courier it over. Easy-peasy.

Click through to see items. Specifically, check out the Simple Stuff Works sleep system. These sleep systems are very expensive and really vital for 24-hour positioning. Unfortunately, May can't use it because she has involuntary, thrusting movements while sleeping. But, it could work for you and she barely used it.

Also, the vibrating snake which you should get for the amusement of the box alone. It is very therapeutic to the woman advertising it. (Incidentally, May has two of these, one of which we are keeping because she enjoys the vibrations.)

  • Simple Stuff Works sleep system. Barely used - and I imagine very few councils will fund them now.
  • Red, bean ball for physio. Also, said Vibrating "snake" for therapeutic purposes clearly.
  • Same items. Full snake effect. Ball works well for tummy time and pretend horse riding.
  • Ball with graspable holes. Makes lovely bell noise when rolled. (Car for sizing. But please take it too! And all the cars in my house! They are taking over arrrrgh...)
  • Blue, physio exercise ball. Also good for grown-up sit-ups, of which clearly I do none.
  • A Bilibo
  • Demonstrated here by Ieuan.
  • And here.
  • Large version of baby Bumbo chair.
  • Ieuan in the "Bumbo" for size. He is four. Would fit bigger kids too though I think.

Finally, let it be said that this wasn't won without a fight and yes, that depresses me. It does. Because there is no way a family like ours, facing what we have faced for the past several years should be arguing about whether leukaemia is a life-threatening disease with the housing board.

We live in a world where politicians and the media define the needy as deserving or not. That division creates a fantasy world where people believe the majority of folks are gaming the system. So, let it be said that we aren't the only family who are "deserving" -- I'm just the loudest. That's not reasonable or just. I can only hope that the publicity generated by our story means that people have a more realistic idea of just how hard it is to be assigned an accessible, council house.

Finally, here are a couple photos. I know you are curious...

  • Front of house - still under construction.
  • Check out how wide our hallway is!
  • Two future tenants. Or superstars. You decide. (View from living room into kitchen)
  • View from landing of front door.

Want anything shown above? Email: contact.stacie@gmail.com or use my Contact Us page.



  1. Love the other article you attached. So nice to be able to reach someone that could really use the items. May is going to love all the natural light and birds singing in the trees. We are over the moon excited for your family. Soon you will hear Ieuan say “Mommy can you please tuck me in bed” and you can quickly race upstairs to kiss him and May.

  2. Stacie I am so excite I finally caught up on all of the events going on with you and your family. Congratulations on the new house and remission and I have to say that May’s hair is just beautiful! I am so glad that you and your family has had more sunshine recently. Hugs and Love and Blessings- Jodee

  3. Congratulations on the new house – and lack of stairs! Hope you’re settling in and fingers crossed for the lift.

  4. Congratulations and best wishes to you and your family. You are obviously a very strong woman,and I hope you are all happy in your new home x

  5. I’m confused. Why does the housing board assume that leukaemia “isn’t” a life threatening illness?

    I’m new here so I haven’t read your story. Is that May in the picture?

    • It confused me too. Clearly, it is. In any case, eventually they corrected it – but it took a year or so. And no, that’s my son in the photo.

  6. PS, what’s wrong with May?

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