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Posted on Nov 28, 2015 | 4 comments

As a child with special needs grows, sometimes it can feel like her development plateaus. Or at least, the time between developmental milestones is long or the worry is she won't hit another.

To be frank, May doesn't hit those milestones. She is happy. She isn't in pain. Her health and sleep have settled -- and, as such, her development is pretty stable too. As in, she is what she is. And, we've accepted that.

Before May had hip surgery, in June 2013, I would hold her hands and she would be able to stand upright and even dance around a bit. See her here:

The surgery helped her a lot. It was clear she was in a lot of pain before the operation. But, her recovery was very slow and she needed follow-up surgery about a year ago. All that time -- 2 1/2 years -- she never stood again in the same manner. She managed a walker or a standing frame, but never more independent than that.

Until now...

IMG_7094 may standing crop

It just goes to show you never know how these children will delight and amaze. The adventure continues...

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  1. Hooray, May!

  2. What a little legend! I am sure you are so proud of her.


  4. Woo Hoo May! Thank you for sharing!

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