About May

May was born on April 23rd, 2009. She suffered poor feeding, shallow breathing and major seizures in the first 12 hours of her life. She stayed in the Special Care Baby Unit for almost six weeks.

(You can read more about this in the post ‘The Story of May’s Birth‘)

May has severe brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation. The medical term is hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE; for more definitions of medical jargon and silly acronyms see my GLOSSARY.) The hows and whys are a mystery and we will probably never know the reasons.

There are also on-going investigations into May’s seizures which, initially, we thought disappeared, but never had. She has taken, at various points, anti-seizure medications including Phenobarbital, vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Pyridoxial Phosphate, Topiramate, Sodium Valporate and Lamotrigine. The last three she is still on.

Aside from all this, she is a constant source of amazement and delight to her parents. We were told she might never eat or hold her head up, let alone enjoy a vigorous bounce. She continues to defy all these original predictions.

How she has achieved so much with such little brain power perplexes and amazes us all. She is definitely in-charge.

For further reading on my attitude towards our situation, please read my blog entry ‘Don’t insult the half-brained baby!

Want to help children like May?

May attended Small Steps School for Parents until 2011. Small Steps teaches parents like me how to help their child gain independence. They are a very small, charitable organization that does not charge parents any fees. Please send them a donation!