About Mama

Mama Lewis AKA Stacie Lewis is a writer and editor. She’s been blogging since 1999, and has turned the personal into professional through her editorial consultancy and her campaigning work for the disabled and chronically ill.

Stacie is American, raised in the suburbs of Detroit, though she has lived for over ten years in London, England. She became a dual-citizen in 2009. As a result, she drinks a lot of tea. She can’t help it, she’s British. But, she adds two sugars. She’s can’t help that either, she’s American.

Stacie writes for the US BabyCenter Blog and the UK BabyCentre Blog. Her articles about May have been published in The New York TimesThe Guardian and The Independent. She is also the author of Taking the Plunge, a book about the terrible, and terribly funny, planning of her wedding.

She always likes to hear from people so feel free to email at: contact.stacie@gmail.com

Twitter:  @Stacie_writes

Facebook: Mama Lewis Blog