What toys should go on May’s list to Santa? (plus my 3 ideas for you)

Posted on Nov 19, 2011 | 16 comments

Special needs kiddies deserve some seriously special toys. I have to admit that I am frustrated with the selection out there. Toys specifically designed for special needs kids are usually grossly overpriced and unavailable in your local toy store. On the other hand, toys made for all children are designed to be tough. But, May can not press down hard on to an object; she needs toys that are very sensitive.

Tough and sensitive. A rare toy combination.

Regardless, I never stop looking for stimulating toys for my daughter. Every time I enter a toy store, I hope I will find something amazing and not think, “She can’t press that/pull that/see that…”

I want to go into a toy store and say, “Yes! My gorgeous girl will love playing with that.”

Thankfully, I’ve found a few. The toys May loves best are the ones that she can easily set off into riot of songs. Usually, they aren’t special needs toys, but toys made for all children.

Here are a few of them:

1. Mozart Magic Cube (Munchkin)

This is a symphonic toy. Each side of the cube starts and stops instruments from playing. Very sensitive to touch. Also, the least irritating songs (to parents) on a toy ever!



2. Spin and Discover Ocean Fun (VTech)

The animals on the side of this toy react very easily and May loves the animals sounds they make. As soon as I turn this on, she goes crazy with happiness. Also, the toy spins, even without pressing on the top. Movement is easier to see for visually impaired children, like May.



3. Tiny Love Classic Mobile (Tiny Love)

I know May isn’t a baby, but she still loves this mobile. The music is soothing. Visually, it remains one of the few toys I know she can see. Just a pleasure. And now, her brother, Ieuan loves it too!



So, those are my suggestions; but, we already own these toys. What toys should I add to May’s holiday gift list? Number one is a Childrite seat, suggested by several readers. May loves her Bumbo seat so I am so excited for May to receive this!

But, May can’t have only one present! She celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas. I need some more suggestions.

What do you think I should add to May’s holiday gift list?

For more toys for special needs kids, see my Babycenter post 7 Amazing Toys for Special Needs Kids.


  1. B. Toys (http://justb-byou.com/) makes a cellphone toy that is VERY sturdy and has rubbery buttons that play various conversational or music clips, and you can record yourself as well. I don’t know if she has the dexterity to push the buttons at this point, but it doesn’t take much pressure to depress them, and OUR phone has taken some pretty severe beatings and survived. The antenna on the phone is also rubbery and nubbed; ours is much chewed on.

  2. You’ve probably already got one but a ‘space’ banket or survival blanket (silver foil things that they wrap runners in after marathons) are really cheap (from outdoor shops) and great fun to roll about on. Even the slightest movement makes lovely crackly noises.Have fun!

    • I do have one – but a great idea nonetheless! And cheap! Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest ones.

  3. I usually go on the Fat Brain Toys website to get ideas for my son. They have compiled some excellent lists for special needs kids of all abilities.

    My son is autistic so we usually get things that are textured to help him destress. Your daughter might like the sensory blankets I’ve found on etsy.com and some other places.

    It’s definitely hard to think of what to ask for because their play is also their work!

    • She has this one too Sanda! Are you physic? hahaha

  4. You could take a look at the Fisher-Price Discover ‘N Grow Musical Activities Play Wall. It may be something she’d like for when she’s sitting up in her chair or a play yard. Another idea she might like is the Lamaze Jacques the Peacock. Also Toys-R-Us has a toy guide for Differently-Abled Kids and you may find some good ideas in there as well… and they have some better prices than some of the special-needs-only websites and catalogs.

    • I had no idea Toys ‘r Us had a guide just for kids like May! Brilliant!

      BTW – this post is terrible for my finances. Terrible. I’ve already bought two suggestions and now, Michelle, I’m off to check out yours. Nice work.

    • I’m buying the play wall, Michelle. See! I told you! Terrible.

      • I’m glad you liked it! :-) I also like how Toys-R-Us has their guide… very thought out and from a mainstream toy company!

  5. well- if you are feeling rich..this is the latest from the music industry…a snip at £400!

    Why is all this stuff always so expensive?



  6. Perhaps you already read it, but babycenter had a post about research utilizing Velcro mittens and I couldn’t help wondering if maybe something like that would be fun for May? Large brightly-colored jingle bells with fuzzy Velcro strips would make fun (and safe) musical targets.


    • Thanks for reminding me of this! If you read in the comments of the post, you’ll see that I was very interested. And I completely forgot about it!

  7. If you go to Mamapundit.com, she has a guide about toys for specials needs children. There were several that I thought would be enjoyable for May.

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