5 things my half-brained baby taught me on vacation (pics!)

Posted on Aug 23, 2012 | 4 comments

America, you are big. Your roads are long and your availability of public transportation is small. You have many malls, too many to visit. You tempt me with your burgers.

Damn those burgers!

All this I knew before; visiting family in the States brings it all home (literally). But, even I have more to learn. And, May is ready to teach me. Okay, she is no longer a half-brained baby – maybe, at three-years old, we can call her a half-brained beauty.

Here are 5 things my half-brained beauty has taught me:

  1. Your half-brained beauty will have more fun than you think. Lots of fun.
  2. The challenge of new surroundings is not necessarily a bad thing, despite tears.
  3. You will discover new things your half-brained beauty enjoys.
  4. When in doubt, there is always ice cream.
  5. You always need more diapers, drinks and food than you think.

A lot more diapers, drinks and food.

Here are some photos of May’s American summer. Enjoy!

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  1. I loved reading this! Let’s get May more ice cream!

  2. ‘When in doubt, there is always ice cream’ would make a good motto for life. Have you thought about getting that put on a t-shirt? Love the photos.

    • Genius, Andy. Let’s get those t-shirts pressed and sold! I’ll give you 5% of the profits for doing all the work since it was really my idea.

  3. LOVE the new name — she sure is a beauty! Hope the icecream is sometimes chocolate, despite the added mess it makes…

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