3 Half-Brained Genius Awards

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The prestigious Half-Brained Genius Awards are coveted across the globe. (TRUE!) They are not given to the major moments that we read about on the news. (Also TRUE.) These are small moments of genius that I read about on blogs I follow, that make me think a parent is awesome. Or, AWESOME-O! As we call it in my family.

So here are three big AWESOME-Os! to some pretty spectacular parents of special needs kiddies:

1. Kara and Ali are parents to two little wonders, Sebastian (who has CP) and baby Tallula. Kara wrote a post about their recent visit to London, where they mastered the public transportation system here. They deserve an AWESOME-O just for forcing London bus drivers to comply and press a button to release the ramp to let them on-board with their wheelchair. (Stories like that make me livid.) Instead, Kara and Ali receive the award for their noise cancelling headphones that Seb wore on the Tube. What a great idea this is! May can listen to music instead of noisy commuters!

Jenny and Austin Wade from the blog 'A Mother's Quest'

2. Jenny Wade wrote a post about carrying on with family traditions during the holidays, especially important when you have a child with special needs. In the post, she describes stringing Christmas lights on her son’s specialized bed.

Including May, on any level she can participate, is what we aim for. After we moved last year, I forgot to restring the lights to May’s bed. What an oversight! Bizarrely, I just said to my husband the other day that my kids need a new nightlight for their room. Instead, I will string those lights back up, inspired by this post. Why should May only have Christmas lights only once a year?

3. Francesca Cook wrote a guest post, here on Mama Lewis, that was one of my favorite of the year: Someone called my daughter with CP a “Spaz”. Personally, I think the best writing comes from raw, honest emotion and Francesca spells out what this experience was like for her. A must read.

Do you know someone who’d like to write a guest post on Mama Lewis, or who deserves a Half-Brained Genius Award? Email me at contact@stacielewis.com!

Photo credit: Jenny Wade

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