NOW that’s what I call music! 3 1/2 years old

Posted on Apr 12, 2013 | 1 comment

May – the anti-establishment, punk, performance artist that she is – has broadened her taste in music since last year’s introductory NOW that’s what I call music! 2 1/2. A bit of gangsta rap? Yes, please! says May. And, okay – it may be true that she has better taste in music than her mama. But, I’m 40 years old now. It is completely against my decade to try new things.

May enjoys a good tune (see I can’t even sound cool when I write about it. You should see me dance – it’s like a crocodile being wrestled to the ground.). Yesterday, as we drove home from visiting friends, my husband delighted May by playing her all kinds of music she knew, but I had never heard of. (Click to enlarge photos of May yesterday!)

Here is a selection of her favorites with links so you can listen along:

Shakleton, Music for Quiet Hour (album and title song) Avante Garde Dub Step with spoken word science fiction poetry. Again, her father’s influence in case you had your doubts. May particularly enjoys the strange bass sounds like a plastic bucket filling up with water.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Murder Ballads (album) Murder ballads. Even May needs something light for the weekend.

Bob Dylan, Highway 61 – May’s favorite singer. Dylan’s out of tune, nasal whine appeals to her dissonant sensibility. Oh, and she loves a harmonica.

Brian Eno, Discrete Music – May appreciates this deconstruction of Canon in D major by Johan Pachelbel. Eno is a master experimenter of ambient sounds. May hopes, but fears this is too challenging for the London Symphony Orchestra Family Concerts she enjoys.

David Bowie – deserves his own post (SIDE NOTE: My husband and I went to the exhibit at the V&A about Bowie in London. In a word: dull. In several words: really, really dull. We didn’t take May. She would have been very disappointed. It wasn’t art.)

Got a favorite tune you think May would like? Leave a link to it in the comments section and we will let you know what she thinks!

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  1. Love May’s eclectic taste in music! Glad there’s a bit of Aussie music in there with the Nick Cave album (which I’m quite a fan of myself). My boys are fans of the dubious talents of Psy and One Direction but I am also pleased that they like daggy 80s pop like Wham and Cindy Lauper.

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