Yep. It’s true. I have Leukemia.

Posted on Jun 22, 2013 | 24 comments

May and I before her surgery

In case anyone still can’t believe this is happening. Yep. I have Leukemia.

Oh. Maybe it was just me then.

Thank you for your words of support and questions and swearing. I particularly enjoyed the imaginative swearing. I couldn’t respond to every comment because then I run the risk that my “I have Leukemia” post will top the chart of most popular posts on this blog. Really, that sickens me a bit.

So, instead I will respond to here:

From Laura: “Seriously? WTF?”

Yes, seriously. I do not know WTF is going on either. I wish I did.

From Heather: “I am so sorry to hear of your leukemia diagnosis…last thing you needed, right?”

Totally agree. May had surgery two weeks ago. I would question the sanity of anyone who thinks this is God’s plan – even I’m not this disorganized.

From Cassie: “If you have any questions about the joys of being sick as an adult, don’t hesitate to ask.”

Thank you Cassie, your comment was very helpful (and please read the original post to see it). I don’t have any questions right now, but mainly because I am drowning in a river in Egypt.

From oneoffordinary: “I hope you have lots of support and love to help you through this.”

I do! My MIL is staying with us. She originally came up to help during May’s surgery. She never left. She is unbelievable, and words can not express how awesome she has been. She even ironed my t-shirts before sending them back to the hospital so they would be softer for me. That’s how kind she is.

Also, my mother is coming back in town on Thursday. And, our superhero social worker has increased our careworker hours from 16 to 36 a week. Not to mention the gazillion offers from friends and colleagues.

And finally to several commenters:

Kristen: “Those stupid blood cells that are misbehaving will rue the day they tried to mess with you!”

Sarah: “Wishing you all kinds of strength, and for the leukemia to be kicked squarely in the face”

Kelly: “Kick leukemia’s a$$”

Yes. Leukemia’s ass is grass.

And, please send more violent descriptions of just how Leukemia will suffer. That would please me.


  1. Just picture yourself everyday preventing those cells from advancing but rather you kicking them to the curb. Visualization helps. Those f…… cells will die with all the love you are surrounded with and will not win.

  2. I thought there was something wrong with May. I hope you get better soon.

  3. Wow. My heart goes out to you. You will win though. So sorry you have to deal with more. Talk about an injustice. Us Moms of children with severe brain injury don’t need anything else. Ugh. I am rooting for you.

  4. All right. Here goes:

    So… you think you’ve shown up for a party, eh? There ain’t no party here, Leukemia. Just a date with you annihilation. Stacie’s gonna make you wish you never existed! Ever. You’re NO MATCH for her. Start running, because she’s coming for you, both barrels blazing. Run. Don’t stop and look back. You’ll be finished before you attempt your first glace over your shoulder, sucker. Stacie’s got more moxy in her pinky finger than you’ll ever have. And she’s gonna give you the beating you’ve got coming… and the whole lot of us will spit on your pathetic carcass. Leaukemia, you will NEVER work in this town again!

    Go gettum, Stacie!

    • Whoa, Tee! You should write action movies for Hollywood!

  5. Oh Stacie, just seen your news, I’m so sorry. It’s so unfair after everything you’ve been through. Sending you my best F-off leukaemia vibes, and all my very best wishes. X

    • Thank you for all the F-off leukemia vibes. I’ll take all the f-offs I can get.

  6. Babycenter wouldn’t take my comment, so here it is:

    This sucks! So sorry Stacie. I hope the NHS will be its best for you and I will bake something for the next Macmillan Coffee morning in your name! Sending hugs and strength and steel capped Doc Martens to kick leukemia’s butt!

    • Thank you Catherina! And thank you for pointing the problem out – I was wondering why no one was commenting. But I have fixed it now!

  7. Stacie, you are a super trooper, and your going to knock this thing dead. I am sure you will receive the best of care, and will be back to fight the good fight, in no time at all. Inspired by you, as always.

  8. Oh Stacey, I’m so sorry. Would you be willing to post a mailing address (maybe through the hospital?) so we can send cards? I’m afraid I don’t do cussing, so I hope Shakespearian epithets will suffice.

    Alas for this wretched Leukemia
    Bold villain crept forth unto the night
    Sneaking through the dark like a padfoot bent
    Yet hark! Flee! Scurrilous lout, thou hast been unmasked
    Malevolent counsels, once wrapt in mirk, laid bare
    Fiendish plot revealed, aims dash’d, hope shattered
    Perfidious maggot-pie cast out like a craven cur
    Beaten and starved, mocked and routed
    Til surrendering like a pox-bitten hedge-born
    Feeble Leukemia whispers ghost-like in the gloaming
    Doomed to wander endlessly through the mists
    With ne’er a sight of hearth or home again.

  9. I’m sorry to read this. I lack the ambition for a sonnet but will offer a haiku

    Leukemia can
    Kiss my ass, and your ass, too.
    Stupid white blood cells.

  10. I’m so sorry. And this is total crap. That stupid Leukemia. You’re going to show it, it isn’t wanted around here. Kick it’s ass.

  11. Stacie, I can only echo the wtf!?! Surely even those mad people who say everything happens for a reason would be struggling with this one! Good work getting checked out though, with so much going on it would have been so easy to let it slide. I hope the chemo isn’t too hard core, the none marrow needle description almost made me pass out!

  12. Um, universe? This is seriously effed up. I echo all of the comments above. BE AFRAID leukemia. BE VERY AFRAID of the hurting you’re about to go through. In fact, why not just hightail it out of there right now and save everyone some trouble?

    Best wishes Stacie – kick some ass. :)

  13. I can’t think of anything to add to the outpouring you’ve been getting, but many many hugs, and best wishes, and all that good stuff! I’m so glad you have people around to help you and your family get through this challenging time.

    This is just what you /don’t/ need, but you’re such a strong woman that it’s impossible to believe even something like this will get you down. Keep us up to date and if there’s any way we can help you from our varied corners of the globe, tell us what it is!

  14. Geez, the universe is really shitting on you right now. The only solace is that this is the nadir of your life. You’ll look back and think, fuck me I made it through that so I can make it through ANYTHING.

    The only advice I have is to treat each day in isolation. Make there be something nice about each day and try and forget that cancer is there in the background (as much as you can) because otherwise it will end up overshadowing everything. And whilst all the positive speak of “be a strong fighter, cancer is a battle that you need to fight in” has it’s place, there is also nothing wrong with having a big cry and feeling very, very, very sorry for yourself because you have been absolutely shafted.

    And eat lots of GU chocolate puddings. Lots of calories for the days you won’t end up eating much on chemo and much more tasty then all of those high energy supplements.

  15. A dear friend of mine just finished up her chemo treatment post marrow transplant and she is doing great, her husband had and beat leukemia several years ago as well. You too will triumph over this. You will kick cancer’s butt. Sending lots of warm thoughts your way as you face this, you are one of the most inspiring mothers it has been my pleasure to discover over the years. Keep up the amazing job!

    • Thank you and especially thank you for for a story that ended happily.

  16. Fuckty fuck fuck!!! I’ve been gone the past few months preparing for a move and just caught up on 4 pages of posts. This is such BS!! I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. Its complete crap. I’m a Jesus lover and I wish I could give you a reason. Arghhhpfftboo!! I’m sorry. I’d say take it a dy at a time but you’ve been doing that for four years already so damned if I have any advice. I loved seeing all the new pics of May, she is a doll. hang I there Mama.

    • Thank you Erin! I appreciate the swearing 😉

  17. shit stacey, just seen this (and now added to the swearing..). wish you didn’t have to, but if anyone can do this you can – hope you get treated very well along the way. x

    • Thanks Anna! It will help getting everyone’s support and curses along the way :)

  18. Wow, life really is un-fucking-fair for some. You have an incredible amount of shite on your plate and even though you don’t have a choice as to whether or not you deal with it, you’re doing IMMENSELY well. As that lady in that movie once said, keep on truckin’. Sending tonnes of love from New Zealand x

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