May’s an independent lady (VIDEO)

Posted on Jan 12, 2014 | 4 comments

It’s easy to get caught up in everything May can’t do. I do it. I can’t help it.

But, if months away in the hospital have highlighted anything for me, it is how much May progressed in 2013. Day to day, a parent such as myself might miss these leaps in development that are miniscule on a day-to-day basis. But an absent parent, such as myself, dwells on the abilities of the child she loves while she is away and when she returns to her, is awed by what she can do.

It may have been a year to forget. But, for May – at least the second half – was a year to remember. Her awful hip surgery recovery is over and in its place is a more relaxed May-bell. Her head control is far better. And she’s an independent little lady – playing with her favorite monkey toy like a pro for twenty minutes straight, no complaining – just singing. You can see in this video how she doesn’t just thrust out at things anymore, but can lift her arm and place it on the toy.

And that my friends, is the amazing half-brained beauty at work.



  1. So much improvement. She is adorable and getting so much more control over everything. Lovely to see. Hope you are doing well and healing. Holding you in the light with your family.

  2. That was awesome! She is so adorable. I love how she plays and touches her toys. My son just wants to suck his thumb. We have a hard time getting him interested in things. He does seem to watch videos though. Glad May is recovered well from hip surgery. It was a hard surgery for my son too but I think it was defiantly important. Take care.

    • I say take the stimulation from where they find it and build on that. Maybe he will get more into apps and computer games as he gets older? Best of luck whatever it is!

  3. She is so precious! And, I may be wrong, but it sure sounds like she’s mimicking the sounds she’s hearing from the toy. When there is a high, shrill sounds, she does the same. When there is a different tone, she seems to following the change. Her concentration is wonderful! I don’t think I can maintain focus on ANYTHING for 20 minutes.

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